About Project Delta

Project Delta a 501(c)3 Organization was founded in 2011 at Spring Branch, Texas with zero players! On a step of faith Project Delta’ Executive Director and Founder, continued his efforts by leading by example in fatih trusting that Project Delta was to be in existence. After 5 long weeks Delta had its first 8 players, with out advertisement or word of mouth! This is one of many stories that exemplify the unique aspect of Project Delta. Using a pick-up game model to incorporate the community to then share the life changing message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, while teaching life and leadership skills to the players.

The Founder

Steve “Factor” Johng

Executive Director

Steve hails from the mountain west having been born in Denver and attending school at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah where he also played on the Men’s Varsity team. His experience living in London, England for 4 years, is where he developed the model and idea for Project Delta, realizing the just about anyone from any country will congregate around a soccer ball, so why not engage in something positive and even life changing while they are there? Steve has led many initiatives from starting a youth ministry at a start-up church, to starting a soccer program at First Baptist Academy, and even assisting in the development of The Woods’ Project first ever major fundraiser in Houston, Texas! Steve utilizes his ability to teach The Bible and uniquely blend challenging devotionals, that connect with the sport of soccer, and humor. He currently lives in Houston, Texas where he enjoys participating in Spartan Races, and riveting games of Yatzee…ok, well maybe not Yatzee, but he does enjoy being with friends.

About Delta

“Delta” comes about from the mathematical terminology meaning “change” or “Change in” represented by the Greek Letter Delta, in the form of a Triangle. Project Delta believes that soccer players are the ones who can change the world. Before that can happen a change in heart has to happen in the heart before businesses, schools, and homes. Project Delta’s Trident is 3 separate legs formed in one piece, to represent the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit,) and the 3rd day rising from the grave. We believe that God has also, shown Himself in Everything, including the game of Soccer based off of Romans 1:20 “…He has made Himself known so that no one is without excuse.” We use the colors Red, Black and White to represent The Blood of Christ, Sin, and being made new respectively.