In the summer of 2010 there was a group of friends that went west, very west, so far

west that eventually civilization was very Far East. West Texas is a very desolate

place, which was very representative of where I was in life. I didn’t know that I was

depressed, but I knew something was wrong, and I was hurting emotionally and


I won’t go into the details of why, because for this devotional, it’s not the point. I will tell

you that the trip was the beginning of something that was larger than I was and even

foundational at some respects…

The second or third day we went on a hike and the 6 of us headed off to the trailhead

when up ahead I saw a kid trying to do a soccer trick called a ‘Rainbow.’ Essentially

taking the ball from a stationary position on the ground and flicking it over your head

with your feet. I was walking along side my buddy who noticed that I had made eye

contact with the kid attempting to do the trick. As we approached he kept

whispering,”keep going, Steve. You don’t need to go over there and teach him.” As a

good friend, I ignored him completely and went over there and taught the kid how to do

the trick with a minor adjustment.

Another friend who was ahead of us, saw what happened and watched the kid after we


“Steve, do you know what happened?” She asked. “Nope.” Was my response.

“Steve, he did tried the trick a couple of times, and the second time he got it!”

The voices that we hear that are stopping us or attempting to stop us from what we are

good at are mostly in our own heads. Which voices do you listen to? Are they the

voices that tell you that you are not good at anything? Are they the voices that are

preventing you from going after something that could actually help others? There are

physical voices from our past, like our parents or bosses, other family members that

haunt us. Those are the voices that we must chose to silence. The ones that we do as

I did with my friend, ignore it and keep moving toward what you know you are supposed

to do.

“Play For Something Bigger”

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